Committee Descriptions

The families of all OC students are asked to join a committee. Committees are essential to keeping the school running and the students learning.

Committees are formed based on the needs of the school and the interests of the parents. Parents can choose among many committees to find the work that suits them best.


Description: Goals for this committee include creating a digital alumni database, adding graduating students to the database (and families that leave the OC before 8th grade), and keeping contact information current, especially for college age alums.  The committee will also create a communication survey for alums, create an alumni information section of the OC website and keep it updated, organize a yearly alumni event or events, and work with the Fundraising Committee on alumni fundraising outreach.

Time Commitments:  TBD by incoming chair and co-chair

TBD by incoming chair and co-chair

Faculty Representative Carolyn.


Description: Art is the soul of childhood. If you enjoy making, perceiving, expressing and contextualizing art, this committee needs your expertise. Work closely with Art Co-opers in creating age appropriate art in the classroom. This committee offers creative satisfaction and family and friend bonding during events.

Time Commitments: The Art Committee is in charge of two events each year; The Art Stroll and the Holiday Bazaar. Members are expected to contribute to planning and running aspects of these events. Time commitments are moderate in the months these activities are held.

Art Meetings are held monthly after school. There are several other options including but not limited to Event Planning, supply ordering and maintenance, hosting Bazaar tables.

Committee chair and contact?  Nizhoni May; [email protected]. Faculty representative O’Lynn.



Description: The Cafeteria Committee supports our children and OC staff during the lunch hour by encouraging appropriate behavior, by helping kids collect and dispose of their lunches properly, and by monitoring specific stations within the cafeteria.   The before or after your co-oping shift format of this committee makes it easy to support your committee commitment.

Time Commitments: Committee members will work with the chair to create a schedule to ensure coverage during the lunch hour.  Ideally committee work can be accomplished before or after co-op shifts.

One scheduled meeting in August prior to the school year. Additional communication is most often in-person or via email.

Committee chair and contact? Andy Taylor; [email protected]. Faculty representative Penny.



Description: The Coordination Committee ensures that all OC families are assigned to a perfect OC Committee. The members work closely with the Head Teachers, the Committee Chairs and Steering Leadership in ensuring that all committees run smoothly and members are supporting in ways that serve the Open Classroom. The committee provides on-going support to each committee, including Chair support and training, problem solving, mediation and positive reinforcement. Bring your organization skills, your positive attitude and your abilities to motivate others.

Time Commitments: Must be willing to attend 4-6 meetings throughout the school year. Many tasks are accomplished at home and during the summer months in prep for the following school year.

Tasks/Meetings: Individual committee support, meeting attendance, Chair Training planning and participation, spreadsheet maintenance, mediation and Chair support etc.

Committee chair and contact? Julie Bartel; [email protected]




Description: The Fundraising Committee helps ensure the success of some of the Open Classroom’s most historically significant events, such as the Walk-A-Thon, Art Stroll, Love Utah Give Utah and OC specific T-Shirt sales. This committee collaborates to create and raise funds to support OC programs and activities. These activities are some of the ways that an exceptional learning experience for students, parents, families and staff are created.

Time Commitments: This group has monthly meetings throughout the school year that all committee members must attend. These meetings are typically offered on a weekday evening at the school. Members also communicate frequently through email and less frequently in person during school hours. Committee members can work from home related to event planning and management and are expected to participate in person for some of the Walk-A-Thon and Art Stroll.

Specific tasks related to this committee could involve planning and management of the Walk-a-Thon, Art Stroll, Love Utah Give Utah and T-Shirt sales. Coordination between other committees is also a necessary task for individual members.

Committee chair and contact? Denny McEntire; [email protected] or Sarah Lambrinos; [email protected]. Faculty representative Shelly & Penny.



Description: Do you love parties and connecting with new people? If so then join the Community Connections committee. The Community Connections committee is responsible for creating opportunities for OC families to connect and have fun at the OC and around town. If you bring passion and great ideas to make this happen then join this committee.

Time Commitments: We begin having a meeting late summer and may occasionally meet during the school year to prep for the activities offered throughout the year. Some work must be accomplished from home with planning and organizing. Other committee hours are accomplished through meetings and the committee activities.

There are opportunities for individuals to organize and provide Zip Code Parties, and the Back to School Picnic. There are also many opportunities for other parties and activities throughout the year.

Committee Chair and contact?  Esther Pruiksma; [email protected] or Mary Elizabeth Mitchell; [email protected]. Faculty representative Hilary.



Description: Members of this committee are chosen by the teachers. Teachers will ask specific parents to consider being a Community Support Rep for the next year. If you hear from teachers then it means they feel you could act as a positive influence on their classroom community. This is a committee of caring and community building. As the community support representative, you have the opportunity to help families get to know each other, solve problems in the classroom and provide much needed support for families in need.

Time Commitments: Time commitments fluctuate depending on the needs of the individual classrooms. You may be setting up classroom events and activities, providing meals, carpools or babysitting for families in need. You are also responsible for organizing teacher and staff birthdays, teacher appreciation week, and PTK dinners.

There are typically 2-3 meetings throughout the year, and much email conversation. You are also expected to attend the classroom parent meetings, bringing forward community items for discussion. You also check-in often with the teacher and support them with any situations they feel deserve your attention.

Committee Chair and contact? Lehua Weaver; [email protected] or Melody Berg; [email protected]. Faculty representative Lindsay



Description: This committee member is chosen by the teacher. It is a fun opportunity to be very involved with your child’s classroom and the classroom co-opers. As a classroom rep you coordinate the classroom co-op schedule and help contact parents who miss their co-op times and may need additional support.  You also work closely with the teacher regarding any classroom co-op strengths and weaknesses. Co-oping is the heart and soul of the Open Classroom and your enthusiasm and passion for the kids is essential.

Time Commitments: This committee meets during the summer to prep for the upcoming school year. Much of the committee responsibilities can be accomplished from home, via email and in the classroom handling any scheduling issues.

There are opportunities for individuals to organize and provide education for Co-op Workshops typically held in the beginning of the year. Other tasks involve scheduling issues or creating coverage for parents having problems in covering co-op shifts.

Committee Chair and contact? Harmonie Ravarino; [email protected] or Vanessa Noble; [email protected]. Faculty representative Amanda & Chantelle.



Description: The Garden Committee inspires students to know and understand gardening and its benefits. This committee works closely with the students in planning and the planting and harvesting the Garden Boxes. There are also many other ways to involve students in growing organic produce. New ideas and ways to incorporate these plans are welcomed bring your enthusiasm for gardening to this committee.

Time Commitments: Much of this committee work is accomplished outside and during the spring and summer months. Committee members can take the lead in creating classroom curriculum that supports the outside work.

Meetings are held to work in the garden areas. Tasks do involve watering during the summer months.

Committee chair and contact?  Tamara Young; [email protected]   or Nikki Angella Parsons; [email protected]. Faculty representative James.



Description: The Library Committee is a great source of information and inspiration for students, teachers and parents. Much satisfaction can come from creating a safe environment of learning from books, art, and peaceful activities. This committee is a great fit for those parents that require flexibility. It is essential that you are responsible, need few reminders and follow through with assigned tasks.

Time Commitments: The Library Committee is in charge of two book fair events each year; Members are expected to participate in event planning, managing the book fairs, set-up and clean-up. There are also weekly expectations to shelve books and assist the Librarians with specialized tasks. Some individual tasks also occur during the year. Typical time commitments can be managed before/after school and on co-op days or days you are free.

Tasks/Meetings: There are generally 1-2 meetings per year.

Committee chair and contact?  Rebecca Dick; [email protected] or Jai Hogue; [email protected]. Faculty representative Pam.



Description: Support the whole child mentally, physically and emotionally through the power of music! This committee facilitates platforms for engaging every student and caregiver musically. By providing the opportunity to learn, make and create a tonal and rhythmic body, through a wide spectrum of experiences, the students and their families connect the past, present and future of our musical world. Bring your creativity and musical ideas or talent to this committee.

Time Commitments: Committee members are involved with organizing and planning school wide music events, music field trips and community inspired musical events. Other ways the committee members assist is with classroom musical activities, supporting teachers and staff.

Three meetings held throughout the school year.  Meetings are for planning and organizing the above musical activities. Other tasks may involve equipment maintenance, and OCCN submissions.

Committee chair and contact?  Faculty representative O’Lynn.



Description: Remember how overwhelming it was to be a new family at the OC? This committee is for you if you are passionate about providing support, knowledge and information for the entering New Family Group. This is your opportunity to bring your ideas on “what would have assisted you” your first year at the OC.

Time Commitments: Participate in all or several monthly New Family meetings. Be involved in the planning and presenting related to these meetings. Two – four hours monthly. The event planning tasks can be accomplished from home. The meeting attendance is in the evenings, generally at the school.

There are generally 2-3 planning meetings for committee members throughout the year, starting in the summer.

Committee Chair and contact?  Jennifer Higbee; [email protected] or Lisa Fox; [email protected]. Faculty representative Jamie.



Description: This committee is really two committees in one. There are several tasks that need to occur to ensure the OC is supported. Some involve office support, administration support and other tasks as they arise. Some examples may be:

  • Summer mailing
  • School photos
  • Eye screening
  • Sick room – supplies/cleaning
  • Multipurpose room and music room kitchen cleaning
  • Lost and found
  • Budget assistance
  • OCCN publication
  • OCCN directory publication
  • Misc. projects as approved by Head Teacher and Principal

Time Commitments: Many of the school support and task projects are accomplished on your own time, before or after school, in the evenings, etc. You must be a self-starter and able to manage your time to accomplish your assigned support or task. Committee members are expected to track their time and will be accountable to the chair for fulfilling all 30 hours of their committee expectation.

Email communication is the preferred form of communication for this group. Some tasks have time constraints and you may volunteer weekly, monthly, or several times throughout the year to meet you required 30 hours.

Committee Chair and Contact? Faculty representative Kristin.



Description: What does whole-child learning look like? How can we teach our children accountability in a way that is in line with OC philosophy? Where do we really embody OC principles and where is there room for improvement? The Philosophy committee loves to talk about questions like these, and then to come up with solutions that bring the philosophy closer to our lives. Will you help us bring OC philosophy come to life? We provide support to the co-op committee and New Families committee in covering topics related to Philosophy.

Time Commitments: We meet about four to six times over the course of the school year for about an hour and a half (in the evenings). Planning and organization of these events can occur over email and within smaller groups.

Tasks/Meetings: Tasks include: attending our meetings; staying in touch with your subcommittee if you work on a special project (outlined at the beginning of the year); attending meetings of other committees (one or two of our members each time), such as Steering and New Families; writing articles for OCCN about philosophy; other tasks as they come up. Several meetings are held throughout the year, primarily in the evenings related to the tasks of this group.

Committee Chair and contact?  Melaney Farr; [email protected] or Nick Vienneau; [email protected]. Faculty representative Denny Jo.



Description: The role of this committee is to get information out to the community about the benefits of the Open Classroom. We build awareness and create interest about the OC and prospective families.

Time Commitments: Attendance at several meetings is required plus attendance at the below functions. Some of the time commitment can be accomplished from home with planning and organizing.

Our tasks involve creating awareness about the OC through the Avenues Street Fair, St Patrick’s Day Parade, OC Open Houses, advertising in local papers and on-line. Committee members are involved in the planning, organizing and advertising of these events. Meetings may occur several times throughout the year and much communication is done via email.

Committee Chair and contact? Catherine Spruance; [email protected] or Karinna Waddoups; [email protected]. Faculty representative Amber.



Description: Are you passionate about Child Safety? Then this is the committee for you. This is the ideal committee if you want to accomplish your 30-hour requirement by coming a few minutes early or staying after school a few minutes late. The non-project format of this committee makes it easy to complete your committee commitment and keep our kids safe.

Time Commitments: Be willing to monitor kid/parent car drop-off safety two shifts per week for the entire school year. Each shift is about 20-25 minutes.  This is a very team oriented committee and members often help each other out regarding needs to miss shifts.

Morning shifts involve setting up cones, signs and flags and keeping the flow of traffic moving. Afternoon shifts involve the safe pick-up of kids and putting equipment away for the nights. Many of these shifts can be accomplished on your co-op day with teacher approval. There is one meeting at the beginning of the school year, and miscellaneous communication via email.

Committee Chair and contact? Lisa Shaw; [email protected]. Faculty representative Tina B.



Description: Classroom Reps are elected at the first parent meeting. If you’d like to represent your child’s classroom, please express your interest at the first parent meeting. The Steering Committee is the main governing board for our school. The committee is responsible for planning and approving the direction of the Open Classroom. Representatives from each classroom meet monthly to discuss and approve activities, policies, procedures and budgets. Steering also oversees committee activities and ensures that the OC philosophy is nurtured throughout the community.

Time Commitments:
Expect monthly Steering meeting attendance and sub-committee responsibilities for some. You must also take information from the Steering committee back to your individual classrooms and generate conversation related to the topics.

Committee Chair and contact? Christy Porucznik; [email protected] or Mindy Dummer; [email protected]. Faculty representative Amanda.



Description: If you want to play an active part in contributing to a public-facing aspect of our school and community, you live and breathe the Net, you are detail oriented, and an excellent communicator both verbally and online, you are familiar with Google App, Google Groups for business and or Google lists and have experience with WordPress or an enthusiasm to learn, then this is the committee for you.

Time Commitments: One or two meetings a year, with primary communication done via email. There is work done over the summer in preparing for the new class lists and committee lists. Checking email often is necessary as issues come up during the summer and the school year. Most work is accomplished from home.

The Web Committee manages and maintains the OC Website and mailing lists. We coordinate with other committees to make sure the content on the site is up-to-date and maintain a calendar of OC events.

Committee Chair and contact?  Rachel Matheson; [email protected] or Jeffrey Eckert;mailto:[email protected]. Faculty representative Pam.




Description: Assist in the process of creating a yearbook for the lower grades, middle grades and the Uppers. Work on a small team in creating beautiful year-long memories of your kids and the classes they participate in.

Time Commitments: Two to three meetings a year, the biggest part of the work being accomplished in the early spring months in prep for publication. Some work needing to be accomplished during co-op shifts and some work completed at home.

Photography, and collection of photos from events and activities, assistance with page lay-out and organization of parents/children participation.

Committee Chair and contact? Trista Emmer; [email protected] or Melody Paulk; [email protected]. Faculty representative Caitlin.