Counseling Center

 Lindsay Verhaaren

Kindergarten – 8th grade Counselor

[email protected]
(801) 578-8144

The OC Counseling Center is located in the library on the south side.
Office hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays


Why School Counselors?

It’s tough being a kid, and life in our changing world throws more at them all the time. It’s become increasingly vital for kids to have skills to cope with their stress, solve problems, work with other people and plan for the future. School Counselors can help. Through whole class lessons, small social-educational groups and visits with individuals, school counselors educate students in many areas, including:

  • Understanding themselves and others
  • Social skills
  • Considering multiple perspectives
  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving
  • College and career exploration and planning
  • Substance abuse
  • Academic support, study skills, goal setting and critical thinking

School counselors also provide age appropriate support when traumatic events occur. We connect families to many different community resources. We collaborate with teachers, parents and others to find ways for students to overcome obstacles to their success.

About Me

As a kid, I was sure I would be a professional roller skater, but school counseling has ended up being just as exciting and fun. I love working with students on their home turf, where they regularly interact with peers, teachers, parents, and other adults that are important in their lives. I believe that school counseling helps students live happier, healthier lives. I believe that all students have it in them to succeed.

I studied at the University of Utah where I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my MEd in Educational Psychology. I was a school counselor in the Davis School District for 9 years. My husband and I have 4 boys: 3 human and 1 bird. I’ve been a parent at the OC for the past 8 years, and now I’m excited to take on a new role at our school!

Students can request to see me themselves, or their teachers or parents can refer them. I send permission forms home for parents to sign before I work with kids on a regular basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Click here to submit an anonymous tip through Safe UT
or to connect with a crisis counselor 24/7

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