What’s in YOUR wallet?

Comic book writer Stan Lee says, “The smartest card in my wallet? It’s a library card.”

Stan Lee talking about how important libraries are.

We are all about modeling the behavior we want to see in our kids, right?

So, do you have a library card?

Borrowing books and other materials from the library is FREE and it shows your children how important and fun reading is to you.

The Salt Lake City and County Library systems plus Murray City and Davis County have over 30 locations!

And each location has an amazing array of activities covering all age groups and interests.

Each library system has an online catalog with inter-library loan options and several have ebook, movie and music download selections.

Even if you live outside of Salt Lake City boundaries your child has the right to a FREE Salt Lake City library card  simply because they are a student of the SLC School District.

We have SLC Library card application forms for kids in the school library and you can either take them into your local branch yourself or you can return the completed forms to Jai or myself and we will deliver the cards to your student when they are ready.

So again, I ask you- What’s in YOUR wallet?


Murray- http://www.murraylibrary.org/

Salt Lake City- http://www.slcpl.lib.ut.us/

Salt Lake County- http://www.slcolibrary.org/

Davis County- http://www1.daviscountyutah.gov:8080/library/

Mr. Stan Lee’s video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrEJyurI1FA


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